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Scuba Mission is a multimedia production company in Chicago, Illinois. We make independent television and video for the web, and generally make good choices in life.
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NYTVF 2015 ends and we won a development deal

Another great year at the New York Television Festival came to a close recently and we have to say we somehow had an even better time than last year. The networking events, the development chats, and the amazing speakers helped make it a week to remember. A big thank you to Terence Gray, Ian Thake, Irene Merrow, and the rest of the NYTVF crew.

We are also delight to announce that we won a development deal this year too. We took part in the NYTVF Pitch program again this year and had an amazing time meeting with different networks executives. Luckily, ended up being awarded a development deal from one of those meetings. You can see all of this year’s winners here.

To chat more or if you have any questions related to our experience, contact Colin Hogan – colin ((at))


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.48.38 PM

“DevelopHers” Named A+E 360 Pipeline Finalist

Our unscripted follow doc concept “DevelopHers” was named a finalist in the A+E 360 Development Pipeline as part of the 2015 New York Television Festival.  We’ll be heading out to NYC in mid October to meet with networks, pitch some fun stuff, and generally soak in the world of independent television that the NYTVF is so great at fostering.  You can read up on all the finalists here!

“DevelopHers” is an original concept that follows three Chicago women in the high stakes world of coding, hacking and tech development.  The idea was a finalist through the Lifetime arm of the development initiative, in response to a brief searching for unexplored worlds and strong women that would appeal to their predominantly female viewership.

To check out the sizzle reel or to learn more about the project, contact Shawn Bowers – shawn ((at))



“Man Scout” Heads to New York Television Festival

Our original unscripted comedy concept “Man Scout” was a Finalist in the 2014 New York Television Festival!  Fun, right?

We had a great week in New York pitching a whole bunch of new show concepts, meeting fellow creators, and drinking lots of free Stella Artois.  We even got a nice little shoutout in Variety!

Chicago had a great showing…our fellow Chicago creators (many of whom are pictured above) won Best Comedy and Best Unscripted pilots, which is awesome.  Thanks to everyone at the festival for welcoming us with open arms, and we’ll hope to be back again next year!

For more info on “Man Scout,” check out the show page.


Shaquille O’Neal Edition of Harlem Shake Released Online, Millions of Clicks Close Behind

Chicago, IL (February 18, 2013) — Comic duo Scuba Mission is proud to announce the release of their new meme, “Harlem Shake – HARLEM SHAQ Edition.”  The new hilarious web comedy video has been released to coincide with America’s weeklong fascination with intricately planned spontaneous dance parties, all while capitalizing on the 1994 popularity of media basketball personality Shaquille O’Neal.

“Colin had this idea to do a Harlem Shaq video,” said funnier Scuba Mission member Shawn Bowers.  “But he wanted it to make fun of the meme, instead of what I did, which was to just do a really good version of the meme.”

“Shawn ruined my idea,” said fart poop Colin Hogan, “he made it too funny and NOW I want to RESPECT him with a AWARD CEREMONY up AUDITORIUM.”

In its pre-viral phase, the Harlem Shake – HARLEM SHAQ Edition has garnered dozens of hits and no comments.  Once it goes viral, which should happen any minute, it will garner dozens of thousands of hits and maybe even a million hits too.  O’Neal has not yet responded to any Tweet inquiries as of yet, but it’s still early and he needs more sleep than a lot of men because of his height and size.

The plan is to fully monetize the hit video and pursue various revenue streams through Web 2.0.  This includes VOD, websites, video ringtones, message boards, licensed merchandise, documentary footage, and availability for party rental/club appearances.  The video can be viewed online at this link, which is cleared to print:

“If my video, that I made without the help of anyone, including the original owners of the footage, is able to reach even one college-aged child,” Bowers said. “Then I’ll have done my job.  It took me half an hour to find the song for free online.”


Scuba Mission is an intimate two-man comedy duo located in Chicago, IL.  With no help from anyone, they produce online videos and live comedy programs that are moderately viewed and attended.  They have been a functioning unit since 2009 and are currently working on trying to get five thousand hits on a single video on Youtube, which would be an accomplishment for them.  For more information, please e-mail [email protected] or visit

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For more information on the Harlem Shake – HARLEM SHAQ Edition, or more information on Scuba Mission, please contact Shawn Bowers or Colin Hogan, USA.


Colin’s Terrifying Tale

For Halloween this year, Colin and Shawn decided to share some of the spookiest scary stories they knew.  Good luck getting through both of them without wetting all your little baby pants, because these are two GHOULS to be TRUE.

Click the link at the end of the video to check out Shawn’s tale.


Shawn’s Terrifying Tale

For Halloween this year, Colin and Shawn decided to share some of the spookiest scary stories they knew.  Good luck getting through both of them without wetting all your little baby pants, because these are two GHOULS to be TRUE.

Click the link at the end of the video to check out Colin’s tale.


Three Golden Years: The History of Scuba Mission

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we came together as Scuba Mission, but it’s true.  This time, three years ago, we were working hard on writing our first full length sketch show.  Back then, we weren’t making videos, we didn’t have any of our fancy logos or catchphrases in place…we were just two guys who liked writing together and wanted to do something with it.  Slowly but surely, we got stuff figured out and now we’re the lovable, cherubic imps we are today.

We put together this retrospective as an exclusive for our Pilot Premiere Party, but we liked it so much, we wanted to share it with the rest of the world.  Everything’s true.


The Pilot

We did it!  We got ourselves a new camera, we got ourselves some fun-loving guest stars, we went out into the beautiful city of Chicago and shot ourselves a full length pilot!  How bout that!

Guest Starring: Tyler Smith, Rob Grabowski, Adam Schulmerich, Kate Carson-Groner Also Featuring: Brendan Hannigan, Tim de la Motte, Drew Talarico

Original Music by Keenan O’Meara, featuring Megan Lui, Andrew Burri and Marie Kim

Shot by Andy Dierker

Written and Directed By Shawn Bowers & Colin Hogan

Keenan O'Meara

Friends of Scuba Mission: Keenan O’Meara

Scuba’s got a lot of talented friends who have helped us over the years.  We want you to know who they are, so that you can love them as much as we do.  Today, we’re spotlighting our musical muse and composer extraordinaire, Keenan O’Meara.

Who He Is:

Keenan O’Meara is a talented singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY.  He released his first record on June 30, 2012, which can be purchased and heard at  He currently tours with his band (performing as Keenan O’Meara and the Spindle Room and runs a video blog (also called The Spindle Room) which features Brooklyn-based artists doing their thing and playing amazing music.

Why Scuba Loves Him:

Keenan has been Scuba Mission’s de facto composer since he created our DARE WE SAY ICONIC theme song in 2010.  Since then, he provided audio support for our pilot with the contribution of the DARE WE SAY ALSO ICONIC “Zoo Date” original song.  Beyond that, we legitimately love his music (check out the acoustic version of “54321” feat. Marie Kim for a sampling) and are proud to be on the rise at the same time as him.

Want to hear his contributions to the Scuba canon?

Get addicted to “Zoo Date,” produced and co-written by Keenan O’Meara.  Also featuring the singing talents of Megan Lui and Andrew Burri, who also co-wrote the lyrics.  
Take a taste of the “Scuba Mission Theme Song”, featuring the vocal talents of Marie Kim.