Scuba Mission | Friends of Scuba Mission: Keenan O’Meara
Scuba Mission is a multimedia production company in Chicago, Illinois. We make independent television and video for the web, and generally make good choices in life.
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Keenan O'Meara

Friends of Scuba Mission: Keenan O’Meara

Scuba’s got a lot of talented friends who have helped us over the years.  We want you to know who they are, so that you can love them as much as we do.  Today, we’re spotlighting our musical muse and composer extraordinaire, Keenan O’Meara.

Who He Is:

Keenan O’Meara is a talented singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY.  He released his first record on June 30, 2012, which can be purchased and heard at  He currently tours with his band (performing as Keenan O’Meara and the Spindle Room and runs a video blog (also called The Spindle Room) which features Brooklyn-based artists doing their thing and playing amazing music.

Why Scuba Loves Him:

Keenan has been Scuba Mission’s de facto composer since he created our DARE WE SAY ICONIC theme song in 2010.  Since then, he provided audio support for our pilot with the contribution of the DARE WE SAY ALSO ICONIC “Zoo Date” original song.  Beyond that, we legitimately love his music (check out the acoustic version of “54321” feat. Marie Kim for a sampling) and are proud to be on the rise at the same time as him.

Want to hear his contributions to the Scuba canon?

Get addicted to “Zoo Date,” produced and co-written by Keenan O’Meara.  Also featuring the singing talents of Megan Lui and Andrew Burri, who also co-wrote the lyrics.  
Take a taste of the “Scuba Mission Theme Song”, featuring the vocal talents of Marie Kim.  


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