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Scuba Mission is a multimedia production company in Chicago, Illinois. We make independent television and video for the web, and generally make good choices in life.
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High School Sweethearts

When we think back on our time in high school, we think of friends, French class, and… of course… our first loves. High School Sweethearts is a unique quiz show format that tests not knowledge, but nostalgia.  Each episode brings together a pair of high school sweethearts who may or may not still be together, and presents them with a series of mental, physical and emotional challenges to test their recall of that important time in their lives and give them the opportunity to win a healthy chunk of change.  Game categories are based on traditional school subjects, such as History, Drama, Social Studies…and maybe even a little Sex Ed.  Throughout the episode, we’ll find out more and more about the couple…how they met, what was their prom like, how many times did they make out under the bleachers, etc.  And at the end of each episode, we’ll find out the couple’s post graduation story… did they stay together?  Did they go off and start families of their own?  Or are they possibly both still single and looking to reconcile?  Only time will tell…

For inquiries, please contact:

Colin Hogan
colin ((at))

For inquiries, contact:

Colin Hogan


colin ((at))


August 4, 2015