Scuba Mission | Wild Life
Scuba Mission is a multimedia production company in Chicago, Illinois. We make independent television and video for the web, and generally make good choices in life.
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Wild Life

A comedian has to LIVE HIS LIFE LIKE AN ANIMAL in this bizarre take on the classic nature show!

In each half-hour episode, host Andrew Knox takes on everyday life with a WILD twist: he has to live by the rules of a different animal each episode, matching their SPEED, APPETITE, MATING RITUALS, SLEEPING HABITS, HUNTING TECHNIQUES and more in a series of DANGEROUS STUNTS and HILARIOUS EXPERIMENTS.  It looks and feels like a kid’s show, but with an immaturity that is DISTINCTLY for adults.

Check out a quick sizzle reel to see it in action!

For inquiries, contact:

Katie Kolben, ICM Partners


(212) 556-6855


August 29, 2016